cool moon



Cool Moon
steel on steel
58 cm X 58 cm
±45 kg
August 2004

As Von Kleist worked on this composition the notion gripped him that the circle was his own head, viewed from above, boxed in by difficulties. “On the left there is a problem. The triangle on the right-hand side represents a conundrum that has almost been solved. The rectangular wall is another demarcation. The title of this work could almost be ’Imprisoned’. The only thing that stops the protagonist from panicking is the cool moon ... If you look up, you know that the moon has been there for billions of years, and all your problems can disappear like snow in summer.”

The steel is from a shop floor in an old mill that was being dismantled, its contents sold. Von Kleist did not tamper with the surface at all; merely applied a coating to stop the rust from spreading. “The skin is beautiful as it is, thousands of feet in heavy working boots have walked on it. The metal does not have the same thickness overall, which means that the plate is very old, manufactured almost a century ago when it was not yet possible to produce steel to accurate specifications. In those days any materials used would have been of much better quality.”

Von Kleist welded the different parts of Cool Moon together. “You end up with a single entity, almost like an organism. I like that.” He finds joy in the fact that the work means different things to different people. “It’s an abstraction, open to various interpretations.”










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