paper & plastics
on timber panel
56 cm x 61 cm
June 2007

A new continent rises from seething lava ... then solidifies. Aeons later, it towers above a desert, scalding hot during the day, cold as ice at night. Its top and bottom appear to jut out above a blue ocean and the rippling surface of a vast lake.

Or perhaps this geography is like the human brain. Can the planet think? Are visible sediments a residue of the planet's thought processes?

Who's to say. Our feet walk on layers upon layers of teeming life, forgotten and pressed into oblivion by the sheer weight of time. Not unlike the myriads of seconds that make up individual experience, buried in the human mind.

In practical terms, the ingredients of Sediments are sculpted by sea, weather, human hands, tools, brushes .... Like all remains, they have started to lead lives of their own.

Von Kleist: “I often have to wait a long time before a work takes shape, but not in this case. As soon as the components appeared on my work bench, I knew what to do.”











      Photo by Suzana Zalokar   BACK