Zigzag wonder
concrete, plastic, objects
on panel covered with burlap
33 cm x 34 cm
May 2007

Muted black and a metallic sheen that hovers between green and silver. The contrast keeps your eyeball on the move. The darkness is absorbing. It draws you in, whereas the lustrous reflectiveness throws you back on your own resources. Admire me, it seems to say, but I will give nothing away. Like celebrity culture.

At first, Von Kleist had the idea of creating a stage, with the purple pieces of plastic (found on the beach) as side wings. The lamp was also washed up on Long Strand. It reminded him of a burnt-out actor at the end of a long career staring at a pitch-black hole — his invisible audience.

Von Kleist: “One day, as I was looking for material for the frame, the work was standing against the wall turned 90ยบ. At the time I was reading a book about all the astronauts who walked on the moon, and suddenly I experienced the lamp — and its small concrete panel — as a capsule floating close to a spatial body. It seemed a perfect fit. That’s how I hit upon the title. It’s a play on a Captain Beefheart song, ’Zigzag Wanderer’. To me it was a wonder that you can arrive at a solution by crisscrossing instead of moving in a straight line. It has also happened to me in real life. Aged 16, there was a girl that I was teasing mercilessly with a some other boys (because she wore a neck brace) and then she unexpectedly kissed me. Out of the blue, I totally fell for her.

Equally, Zigzag Wonder has two faces. A double aspect. You can hang it on the wall at a totally different angle and it will still work.”










      Photo by Suzana Zalokar   BACK